Exterior Architectural Accents

Measuring 12’ by 12’  this cedar masterpiece is hand crated with ½” cedar lattice and cedar shakes.  Many hours of labor and love went into the design of this gazebo. 
Dog House
There’s no place like home even in the animal kingdom and this royal dog house design is no exception.  Hand crafted from cedar, this dog house includes designer window and corbels that support the roof.  The 5’ by 5’ house includes a cedar shake roof and 3’ patio extension.  The shake singles are stained in cherry and marine varnished. 
Window Box
This window box was constructed of redwood and redwood raised panels supported by corbels of my own design. It is ornately decorated with stenciled paint, carvings, and other fine embellishments (note: corbels can be purchased separately).
This fence was sturdily constructed out of redwood and cedar pedestals (larger and smaller sizes are available). Inside the crown to of each pedestal is an inlay of fine Italian tile. The sides of the post accents duplicate this tile. Panels of the fence are constructed of 2X2 cedar and white vinyl lattice. Note: The pedestals can be created to use functional planters as well and can be purchased separately.



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